Lansing Christian Pre-K 4
Mrs. Oostman and Mrs. Roels
Hermie's Adventures
Hermie's Log Day Six 

Hi everyone! I'm still here on the island of Hawaii. I've been doing a lot of exploring while here on my spring break and I saw this mountain. Boy, is it getting hot around here. Hey, what's the red and orange stuff coming out of the top? What kind of mountain is this? 

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Hermie's Older Adventures:
Hermie's Log Day Five 

​I've had fun on all my adventures, but I think it's time for a rest. I'm back in the United States and I picked a warm place to enjoy my spring break. It's the only state in our country that's an island (it has water all around it) and it's the only state that starts with the letter "H". Can you sing the state song and figure out what state I'm in? It starts like this: Alabama and Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, ...

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Hermie's Log Day Four

I've made it to my next stop. It was really cold in space and it's cold here too. Does anyone have some hot chocolate? I've spotted some interesting animals. They look like birds, but I haven't seen them fly. Do you know what they are? Also, do you know what they eat? I hope it isn't hermit crabs!

Extra Credit: Do you know where I am? There are lots of different kinds of this animal. Do you know what kind these are? Hint, hint these are the biggest ones of all!

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Get up and dance with Koo Koo Kangaroo and these animals

Hermie's Log Day Three

After a very long journey I've finally made it to my next destination! It's pretty cold and dark out here, but I found these big rings to take a rest on. As far as I can tell, these are the biggest rings in the solar system. Hmmmm...Can you tell me what planet I'm visiting?

When you're done with your guess, check out this link to see some real astronauts reading stories in space!

Hermie's Log Day Two 

I had a great time in Washington D.C. Thanks for helping me figure out the name of that memorial. You were right! It was the Lincoln Memorial for President Abraham Lincoln. I've jetted off again, this time to the capital of a different country. I'm in London, England! Can you help me with that name of that big clock? Hint, hint...we talked about how the name only refers to the "BIG" bell inside, but everyone calls the clock this name anyway!

Hermie's Log Day One
I’ve had a great trip so far! The plane ride was comfortable as I requested extra leg room, and the in-flight meal was shrimp, which was delicious! My first stop is our nation’s capital, Washington D.C. I’m walking around and I’ve seen a lot of neat buildings and monuments, but I’ve come to one I don’t know. It’s white, has A LOT of steps, and a giant statue of a man inside. Hmmmm…
Pre-K can you help Hermie identify this building? Hint, Hint, we learned about it during President's Week!

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