Lansing Christian Pre-K 4
Mrs. Oostman
September 16-20, 2019

Dear Parents,

We had a great first, five-day week last week!  We all are working hard on new routines, schedules, transitions, and expectations, and are making good progress.

A note for our five day students – We will have a guest teacher on Friday September 20th as Mrs. Oostman will be away attending her brother’s wedding.

Next Thursday, September 26th is picture day. Information will be in the LCS Rapid Read.

Please note in advance that next week Friday, September 27 is our annual Fall Festival.  School will be dismissed at noon that Friday.  PreK students will be dismissed at 11:50, and the rest of LCS students will dismiss at noon.  No lunch time or After-School Care will be available that day, but we hope you all come back for games, food, and the auction.  More details will follow in the LCS Rapid Read.

Here’s a look at what we hope to accomplish this week:

THEME:  Aa is for Apple

LETTER: Aa  - The boys and girls will continue working in their Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) books, and be introduced to writing letter A correctly.  Other activities this week will reinforce the sound and formation of this first letter of the alphabet.        

Every week that we begin a new alphabet letter please look for a little “card” with the uppercase and lowercase letter and a picture of something that begins with that sound.  You can have your child color the picture card, and you can cut these sections apart, save them in a Ziploc bag or a fancy box, and practice them every day.  As we add more letter cards, you can start to play memory games with your child by turning the cards upside down, then taking turns finding uppercase and lowercase letters that match.  Ask your child to identify the letter and its sound.  Have fun!!
 One or two “sight” words will also be sent home that you can practice with your child.  These are words that generally are small, appear very often in books and speech, generally can be phonetically sounded out, although not always, and are words that are useful for the boys and girls.  This might be a challenge for some children, but others are ready for it, so we would like to make the opportunity available.  Some practice will be given at school, but the majority of success for those children ready to read will be with faithful practice at home.

Thank you for your help at home!  Whatever is taught at school only improves with your help!

LANGUAGE ARTS: We will read fictional and informational books about apples including The Apple Pie Tree, Ten Red Apples and Up, Up Up, It’s Apple Picking Time, and do an apple craft.

SIGHT WORD: “and” and “at”

MATH/NUMBER: This week we start with #1! We will continue with positional words “front and back” and add “top and bottom”.

COLOR: red

SHAPE:  circle

BIBLE: Our creation booklet continues with Days 4, 5, and 6. God created sun, moon and stars, fish and birds, animals, and Adam and Eve.

BIBLE MEMORY: Genesis 1:1, 31, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. . . . God saw all that He had made, and it was very good.”  This verse will be due next week Thursday for a memory verse sticker.

SCIENCE:  creation of the world  

SHOW-and-TELL: THURSDAY - Please help your child find something, draw something or wear something that is red.

Thanks for your help at home with memory work, sight word practice, letter and number writing, and Show and Tell homework!  Your child benefits so much from your support! 

Mrs. Oostman